Facials Aren't Just for Women David Bourne's Testimony of his Men's Facial at Face to Fa

I had my first facial last week at Face to Face Spa . What an awesome experience! Why have I not done this before??? Oh yeah, because I am from a small town and still overcoming the outdated stigma that skin care is for women only. My friends gave me a hard time, for getting a facial, but who is laughing now. My skin is clear, smooth, and just looks all around great. Of course my guy friends will never admit it, but they are jealous.

Since this was my first time, and a little intimidating, let me discuss the experience so that other first timers can know what to expect.

I walked into a superbly decorated, modern lobby to be instantly greeted by a kind and friendly woman at the front desk. She checked me in and offered me variety refreshments. Of course I was slightly nervous and went with the mimosa. Yes, I said mimosa! As another staff member went to retrieve my drink I was given some light paperwork to complete. The paperwork encompassed the routine legalese, a brief medical history, and a detailed questionnaire about my skin and previous experience with skin care products. After completing the paperwork I was introduced to the professional that would be performing my skin care. She introduced herself and guided me into a hallway adjacent the front desk and into a smaller room. I feel bad for

her name, she was the consummate professional.

The room was clean, well lit, and had a variety of medical equipment strategically placed around the centerpiece, a large, soft bed. It was more like a lounger of sorts. It had bends in the right places that put your body in a relaxed state. In this more private setting we discussed the answers on my questionnaire, reviewed my previous skin care experiences, and decided on the particulars of the treatment. I have really sensitive skin (thanks Mom), so I was concerned about irritation after the treatment. The esthetician was a great listener. She used active listening techniques that made me feel confident she was not only hearing what I was saying, but also understanding me. After we decided on the skin care approach, she briefly left the room after instructing me to remove my shirt and get under the covers on the lounger thingy. The lounger had a heating blanket that felt great, but I was already nervous and slightly sweating. When she came back in I was asked if I was comfortable, and I told her I was a little warm. She turned off the heating blanket for me and lowered the temperature in the room. It was really cool that all the rooms had separate climate controls that can be tailored to individual guests. I am hot natured and this alone, means so much to me. Now the fun begins!

Since this was my first time, I asked her to describe in detail every step she was performing on me. I wanted to know what was going on, it was pretty cool. I know very little about skin care, so it was nice to learn from a professional. Now I don’t really remember all the steps, but there was exfoliating, a masque, blackhead removal, a light chemical peel, moisturizing, this cool electronic thing that buzzed, a spinning brush thing, a steamer, and all sorts of other stuff. It was really fun. The entire time the esthetician was constantly making sure I was comfortable and if I had any concerns. She was probably the best part of the treatment. A genuinely kind person, who is a complete professional, giving you one on one care…It was awesome. The lights were dimmed when we began the treatment. Several times throughout the treatment she had to use a bright light to look over my skin. Each time she put some cool pads over my eyes so I wouldn’t be blinded.

It was fun to ask her honest opinion about my skin. I told her not to sugar coat it, I want the truth. She pointed out some of my broken capillaries, and sun damage. I asked her for advice for those problem areas and she gave me the run down on what to do. She also said I had great skin, but I bet she says that to everyone! Ha. Ok, back the treatment. At one point she gave me a small hand-held fan that I could use on my face. I guess it was the chemical peel portion that did warm my face up. I wasn’t uncomfortable, but I could see why they give you a fan to hold. The only halfway uncomfortable portion of the whole treatment was when she cleaning out the blackheads on my nostrils. She had to stick a Q tip or something in my nostril so she could harvest the nastiness that was dwelling in the crevices on the side of my nose. I have to say, the women that do this must have iron stomachs. I’m sure all sorts of putrid nastiness came out of my pores. I almost wish I could have watched it. Ha. There is something strangely satisfying about getting that stuff out. Anyways, don’t judge. To each their own.

We were all done with the facial in a little over an hour. I almost forgot one of the best parts of the session. I had an upper body massage while certain treatments were curing. It’s hard to beat a good massage. She rubbed down my neck, my shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. It was nice. I don’t get massages, but this is making me change my mind. Ok, so before she left the room for me to put my shirt back on, I asked if she could wax in between my eyes and in my nose. My nose was looking like there was a sasquatch popping a squat right inside the nostril. Yeah, I trim them hairy caverns, but why not use a little wax and get that sasquatch out of there in one fail swoop. She was not only a skilled professional with skin care, but she did an excellent job waxing. It was quick, and maybe not painless, but not crazy bad. The price we pay for beauty.

After I put back on my shirt, she led me back to the front of the spa. I still felt a little embarrassed when I saw three women in the lobby waiting for their respective treatments. It shouldn’t matter, and I’m working it. I am a man, I got a facial, my skin looks great, who cares what anyone thinks. I had a huge smile on my face when I came out to the lobby. This was seriously one of the coolest experiences of my life. Personal care for over an hour, with a customized treatment, making me look beautiful. Why have I been not doing this before???

My esthetician showed me some of the products we discussed that would help with my problem areas. She did not pressure me at all to buy anything. I enjoyed this. If you try to hard sell me something, I will leave and not come back. I was given some post facial instruction to follow. Stay out of the sun, moisturize, do this and that. After I paid and got back to my house, I was able to look closely at my face. It was a little red, as expected, but it already looked smooth. I was told there could be some light peeling in the next couple days, but I experienced none. The redness went away after one day. I didn’t really see the full effect of the facial until after about five days. I woke up and looked in the mirror and was like Wow! This stuff actually works. The pores on my nose were noticeably smaller, I had no blemishes, and my skin just looked good. I am now a believer. Will I sign up for a facial every two weeks… probably not, but I will begin getting them periodically.

This was a fun experience. The price you pay is very reasonable when you look at what all you get. I had the premium facial. If you are a guy and reading this, don’t be scared. I was scared, I faced my demons, and learned that I was being a baby for no reason. No wonder women love going to the spa. It’s like it is a gender centric secret that they keep from us men. Not anymore. I am onto ya’ll! I highly recommend getting this service (premium facial) done at Face to Face. You could tell they have put time and effort into making the process a wonderful experience. They offer so much more than facials. I asked the esthetician if they did pedicures and manicures and she said no. I was like what? She told me how it is a Med Spa that concentrates on skin care. I read the different types of treatments they offer and it is pretty impressive. I can’t vouch for the Botox, micro needling, and other treatments like that, but I bet they are cool. Hmmmm, maybe I could use some Botox. Ha, it’s funny after one facial, how I am inspired to take better care of my skin. I’m not at the point of wearing daily sunscreen or anything, but I am more concerned about maintaining a basic skin care routine.

I highly recommend the staff and products used at Face to Face. Very professional, high-quality products, and just an overall great experience. Maybe next time I will go early so I can have more than one mimosa!

You can tell when a person is feigning kindness/friendliness and when they genuinely care. The three staff members I met were utmost professionals.

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