Focus on Quality Care with Our Spa Franchise

In a 2014 survey of 3,300 nurses, 89 percent reported an inability to work effectively. The primary cause? Insufficient support staff.

All too often, nurse practitioners are overworked and understaffed. In fact, many of these healthcare professionals tend to spend the bulk of their time completing paperwork, attending to administrative tasks or even cleaning supply closets. Time spent with patients often takes a backseat to various other tasks – making for long, tiresome shifts.

Are you a nurse practitioner juggling all the tasks and demands competing for your attention? Looking to transition to a career that allows you to leverage your unique skill set without draining you of precious time and energy? The medi-spa franchise industry has been looking for healthcare enthusiasts just like you.

Owning a spa franchise like Face to Face Spa allows you to offer medical-grade facials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and other science-based skin care services. You’ll have the freedom to be your own boss and the backing of a recognized brand as you promote total skin health and wellness. Similar to the healthcare space, owning a medi-spa franchise allows you to assess, investigate and problem solve on the job. However, in this role, you can focus 100% on what matters most to you – devoting your energy and attention to addressing clients’ skin care needs.

As an owner-operator of a Face to Face Spa franchise location, you’ll get to know clients and channel your signature brand of care and attentiveness in the therapeutic skin care services you provide. Even better, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to leverage your communication skills as you build a caring team of medi-spa professionals that put client care first.

Interested in learning more about why nurse practitioners like you make excellent Face to Face Spa franchise owners? Contact us to speak with a member of our franchise support team.

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