About the Founder


Hello, and welcome to Face to Face Spa! I extend my warmest welcome to you and invite you to experience our passion. 


I suffered from severe cystic acne since I was a young teenager and found after years and years of trying different medications that I was still struggling with my break outs. In my twenties, I was desperate to have clear skin, but found no matter what I did I was still breaking out with multiple painful red blemishes. The only time I remember not having more than three active breakouts on my face is when I was taking antibiotic rounds. However, I did not wish to live on antibiotics just to keep my skin clear.


I tried a multiple array of over the counter products and promising infomercials with no effective results. The Dermatologist office was expensive because many of the medications I needed were not covered by insurance and proved to be hundreds of dollars for a few months' supply. I did not want to TREAT my acne with medication, I wanted to PREVENT it.

I decided to try facials. I tried many facials. I experienced bad facials, mediocre facials, good facials, great facials, but overall found it to be quite expensive for my budget and not really what I was looking for. Unfortunately, day spas were pricey and most of the facials were not about deep cleansing. They were about relaxation. I did not need a pampering facial, I wanted relief, deep cleansing and extractions and results!



Jenny Abraham, RN

Founder of Face to Face Spa

I did not receive facial services for the pure enjoyment of it. I did it because I truly NEEDED it. I wanted to reduce my blemishes, clean my pores, and most importantly, prevent acne. I wanted to be able to leave my house and not be obsessed with applying makeup to hide my blemishes.


Eventually, after frequenting several spas in the Austin area I eventually stumbled across a medical esthetician that was my perfect match. She performed a variety of microdermabrasions and chemical peels to treat my skin. I was FINALLY seeing improvement. She performed high-tech interventions during her facial, such as high frequency, and performed thorough extractions. Finally, my skin was clearing! Routine facial services and chemical peels vastly reduced my symptoms of acne.


Financially, I was able to manage coming in every 6-8 weeks although my esthetician strongly suggested a monthly facial cleansing. In order to be able to afford facials on my budget, I was forced to stretch it to every six weeks.


I served as the Wound Care Director for a large Austin Health Center at the time. As a wound care nurse, I was actually fascinated with the science behind quality facial products and ingredients, as well as, evidence based practice standards for promoting skin health. I obviously was passionate about skin.


The nurse in me wanted to create a quality, science-based facial and offer it to the general public for an affordable price...so that's what I did. I created Face to Face Spa in 2011. I built on my experiences to create a foundation designed to promote skin health, rather than a spa designed for pampering.


I have gathered a team of like-minded esthetic professionals that share my same vision and passion. Our clients can sense this and truly trust us with their skin. We have a large client following with a membership program that offers significant discounts for clients that wish to begin a goal-oriented, results-driven skin care regimen for just a small monthly fee. The membership includes a deep cleansing medical grade facial each month and up to 80% off chemical peel treatments, allowing our clients to maintain healthy skin affordably.


I can now happily expose my face without make up and most people would never know that I ever suffered from acne. Instead of being ashamed and embarrassed about my face, I now confidently show my face in public with confidence, as any woman should.


Thanks to our routine facials, home-care products and chemical peels, my skin is in a state of ideal health. Naturally, healthy skin IS more beautiful, so the benefits to my self-esteem are priceless.


I am proud to offer these services to the general public at affordable rates and our clients know the difference in our spa when compared to the competitor. We blow them out of the water. This is no ordinary facial. Our facial protocols were written with my wound care background as a driving force behind the science of it all.


During each facial we actually induce pore opening, facilitate a powerful deep cleanse with an ultrasound machine, and intensely hydrate with ionic hydration galvanic therapy; all of which you typically NEVER receive as a routine spa service with our competitors. In addition, thorough extractions differentiate us from our competitor.


Face to Face Spa doesn't just treat acne either. Each facial is customized to the client's specific skin type and can focus on one or more of the following goals: anti-aging, brightening, acne clearing, or calming. We help women and men with a variety of facial concerns such as rosacea, hyperpigmentation, hormonal issues, skin sensitivity and fine lines and wrinkles.


If offering a medical grade facial that is far superior to the competition isn't enough, the pricing is. Our facials are incredibly affordable. And as a plus, our clients don't mind the complimentary champagne, wine & chocolates either!



Jenny Abraham, RN

Founder of Face to Face Spa